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Stretches for Runners Knee Pain: Your Pre-Run Prep Guide

Stretches for Runners Knee Pain

As runners lace up, the anticipation of the run ahead is often met with the underlying worry of knee pain. Knee pain in runners is not just a hurdle—it’s an interruption to the training you love and the races you aspire to conquer. That’s where the power of pre-run stretching comes into play. Stretches for … Read more

5 Running Mistakes Worsening Your Hip And Knee Pain

hip and knee pain

For runners, the repetitive motion and impact of feet hitting the pavement can often lead to a common and frustrating ailment: hip and knee pain. It’s a plight that can sideline even the most dedicated runners, disrupting training and racing plans. But what if the pain you’re experiencing is not just a byproduct of your … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Be Concerned About ACL Injuries and Surgery

ACL injuries often result in surgery which creates a trickle down effect of more pain and continued treatments Over the past several years, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries have reached “epidemic levels”, particularly among young athletes and women. Following this trend, here at P3 we’ve been seeing a growing trend in ACL injuries and concurrent … Read more