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5 best exercises to prevent an ACL injury that you can do while watching TV

After the last two blog posts in our ACL awareness series, today we address what everybody wants to know…What exercises can I do to prevent an ACL injury?

Having an exercise routine that focuses on improving function in the following categories can reduce the risk of suffering an ACL injury:

  1. core/trunk stability

  2. strengthening

  3. plyometrics and jump training

  4. running/agility

  5. flexibility

There are hundreds of exercises that can fall into each category, but these are P3 Athletic’s favorites, along with their progressions (or variations based on strength and skill level)!

Disclaimer: Always check with your health provider before beginning a new exercise regimen.

Core and Trunk stability: BRIDGE

If done CORRECTLY, the bridge is a powerful exercise. It strengthens your glutes, hamstrings, and core all in one! When these areas are strong, they can take on the force of both non-contact and contact impact to your body and help protect your knees and ACL from injury.

How to do a bridge + progressions:

Tips for getting it right:

  1. Draw the belly in towards the spine without lifting your chest or holding your breath. This engages core muscles and keeps your spine in the ideal position throughout the exercise.

  2. Focus on pushing force through your foot, rather than trying to lift up your pelvis.


Here are some variations of the bridge that we use to make the exercise more challenging.

  1. Add a resistance band wrapped around the knees

  2. Place and hold a weight on the pelvis

  3. Perform the exerci