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Rapidly Growing Physical Therapy Office Seeks Warm, Empathetic, and Organized Front Desk Administrator to Provide Unparalleled Customer Experience

Are you someone who loves being the bright spot of someone’s day?

Are you known for being thoughtful and going above and beyond for people?

Do you aim to get to know everyone you work with on a more personal level?

Are you comfortable creating connections with strangers, both in person, and on the phone?

Are you able to display empathy to those going through difficult times?

Do you have a track record of staying organized in your personal and professional life?

                 Are you able to read between the lines to predict when someone might be unhappy before anything is said?

           Are you someone who is constantly seeking growth opportunities and doesn’t shy away from constructive feedback?

If you answered "Yes" to those questions, we have an opportunity for you.


Click the button below to apply

P3 is a boutique physical therapy and athletic performance office that has been established since 2017. The founder, Dr. Michael Chin, DPT, opened P3 to provide the ultimate experience for all clients and provide them with everything they need to succeed. Less is NOT more at P3. Our clients thrive and love coming to our office not only because they’re getting better, but because of the experience they have in the clinic and the positive effect it has on their lives. Learn more about P3 and the team on our website: 

We are in a period of growth with a database of hundreds of clients whose experience and success is of utmost importance to us. As a result, we are now offering you an opportunity to help us to continue to grow and provide a spectacular customer experience for both future and current patients that goes way beyond what’s offered by most healthcare facilities.


No previous experience in this field is needed, but the right person is likely to have been working in a customer facing environment and has a long track record of dealing inquiries and turning inquiries into happy customers.

About Us


Provide "wow" experiences

Your number one job is to provide an unparalleled customer experience that clients can't wait to come back to and force them to tell all their friends about. Some ways you will do this may include:​

  • A thoughtful reminder before a client's first appointment and a consistently warm and welcoming demeanor when clients arrive at the clinic.

  • Preparing their preferred beverage as you sit with them in the waiting room or handwritten letters during a meaningful life event. 

  • You’ll ensure NPS (net promoter score) hits agreed levels by forming genuine relationships with patients because you actually care.


Prevent No Shows And Limit Drop Offs And Cancellations

You will be responsible for ensuring clients successfully complete their entire course of treatment. Having clients stop after 3 sessions does not help us or them, so your job is to help them stay the course so they can achieve a full recovery. You will accomplish this by:

  • Beginning the patient experience by holding thoughtful (at least 15-20- minute) conversations with new patients over the phone, ensuring that patients are committed, understanding the patients’ need(s) before speaking with a PT, and explaining how what we do is worth the price we are asking

  • Being someone clients can't wait to see each week and fostering trust and an open relationship through in person communications, check-in phone calls, welcome gifts, etc. 

  • Successfully handling price objections by communicating value of our service and associated costs

  • Communicating with patients before, during and after appointments to ensure satisfaction is being achieved


Manage The Front Desk And Coordinate Patient Care

  • Organizing and managing the schedules, including all necessary forms and paperwork, charts, receipts, etc. - maximizing efficiency and revenue for the clinic

  • Develop and regularly update the procedures library so that every aspect of the role is document and can be achieved by anyone else in the business

  • Prospering and consistently tag and record client statuses in customer database for client communications and business analytics

  • Ensure that all invoices are raised on time, every time and are sent to the appropriate person

Skills/Competencies Needed

Detail-Oriented and Fast-Learner

  • Does not let important details or projects slip through the cracks.

  • Quickly and proficiently understands and absorbs new information.


Empathetic, High Emotional IQ

  • Ability to anticipate unstated needs and understand clients’ emotional states, helping to prevent drop-offs before they happen.

  • Ability to relate and show clients you understand their situation and how they feel so they feel confident in us as their trusted provider. People in painful states often feel discouraged and doubt, especially if they’ve been let down by other healthcare providers. 


Strong Communicator and Easily Connect with Others

  • Interest in people and ability to get to know them on a personal, not just surface level. We create relationships with our clients that are much stronger than a normal doctor/patient relationship. Our clients are people first and clients second, which means that we place heavy emphasis on these relationships.

  • Natural ability to recall names and faces of patients and in doing so making all our patients feel welcomed and remembered

  • Ability to answer all questions asked over the phone in such a way that increases the likelihood that the person asking will want to become a customer.


Organized and Comfortable Prioritizing Multiple Tasks and Projects

  • Ability to properly manage each client’s progress and coordinate their progress and needs with the appropriate members of staff

  • Comfortable planning and organizing schedules and budgets in an efficient, productive manner. Focuses on key priorities.

  • Extremely comfortable switching between multiple projects and tasks

  • Excels at prioritizing a variety of tasks and projects on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis

  • Adaptable and flexible when new priorities and situations arise


Proactive and Reliable

  • Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company.

  • Lives up to verbal and written agreements regardless of personal cost 

  • Tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done

What We'll do For You

  • A opportunity where you get to be an integral part of a small but rapidly growing small business, ideally full-time

  • A chance to be a part of an incredible team that is constantly learning and striving for more

  • The ability to make a real difference in people's lives every single day

  • A working environment where you will be challenged, supported, and encouraged every single day

  • Exclusive learning opportunities and continuing education events

If what you've just read is of interest to you, you're invited to apply below.

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