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Last updated 8/31/2022

In accordance with the County of Santa Clara and the CA Department of Public Health, we are practicing the following policies and procedures:

​Screenings and scheduling

  • Clients (and anyone accompanying them) and staff are required to complete COVID-19 screening before each visit or shift, respectively.

  • 15-minutes gap between all appointments to allow for time for disinfecting surfaces.

  • See "When to stay home" below for guidance on how to proceed if exposed or experiencing symptoms.


  • All surfaces and equipment used by clients or staff are wiped down with products that kill 99.9 percent of germs

  • We have a medical grade air filtration system that filters 95% of bacteria/viruses greater than .1 micron in size 

  • Soap and clean water is readily available for washing hands.

  • Hand sanitizer is available before and after session.

​​Personal Protective Equipment

  • Surgical gloves, masks and hand sanitizer are available for use by clients and staff.

  • Secure and well-fitting face mask must be worn by clients and staff at all times.

  • Gloves available upon request.

When to Stay Home

If you have symptoms or positive test:

  • Stay at home 5 full days after the first symptom appears or if asymptomatic, after the first positive test.

  • When to return:​​​

​If symptomatic

  • After 5 days if your symptoms are gone or resolving and you don’t have a fever (without the help of medication) and you have a negative test result.

  • After 10 days if you’re still testing positive and/or symptoms not improving.

If asymptomatic

  • After 5 days since your first positive test.

If you’ve had close contact with a confirmed case:

  • If symptoms develop, test and stay home.

  • If you haven’t had COVID in the last 90 days, please consider staying home and test 5 days since LAST exposure.

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