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Complimentary Back Pain Assessment ($297 value)

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If you're feeling STIFF, lack of STRENGTH, and not enjoying the activities you love, this FREE session is for you!

Those are common complaints that successful clients have come to our office for years to resolve, so you are not alone.


Ultimately, most people haven’t reached to level of health they desire because their care has been standardized and generalized to the masses.


Everyone’s getting the same type of treatment.


Unfortunately , not everyone’s backpain is the same.  P3’s methodology addresses the whole body and progresses our clients to the highest level of activity and sport, in the office, with our expert doctors.


All the nuances and detail of your body’s needs will be addressed.  Less is NOT more at our office.

Imagine feeling 10 years younger, what could you be able to do? How happy and enjoyment of life would you have?  This is our rockstar client Jane, who had defied all surgeons recommendations.  Osteoarthritis doesn't slow her down and can play tennis 4x a week, play in soccer competitions, and squat her body weight.  How old you might ask? Let's just say she is a soon to be grandmother!

Want to feel young and energetic, again?  Sign-up for your Complimentary Assessment now!

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